Introducing LIVIT Smart Healthcare Villages

April 08, 20191 minute read

SharkDreams has always been an ecosystem company, but our most recent venture—the LIVIT Smart Healthcare Village—has taken our ecosystem…

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LIVIT Powered By SharkDreams: Healthcare On A Global Scale

February 26, 20197 minute read

As we travel to countries around the world, we’ve implemented LIVIT on a universal scale—showcasing our global establishment in the mass…

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Aiding Australia Healthcare System with the LIVIT Platform

October 02, 20185 minute read

While the Australian healthcare system is recognized among the best in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the…

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SharkDreams’ Singapore Showcase Sees Solution to Long Wait Room Times

October 01, 20183 minute read

Doctor visits are becoming increasingly difficult for patients and even doctors. Limited appointment availability and shorter doctor visits…

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Singapore's Growing Healthcare Costs Could Have a Simple Solution

August 29, 20183 minute read

In a five-year medical study, the Singapore Health Polyclinics Department of Pharmacy found a striking result. Their findings simultaneously…

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LIVIT Holds the Key to Solving Non-Adherence

August 17, 20183 minute read

As we ventured to solve one of healthcare’s most critical problems—medication non-adherence—while developing the LIVIT virtual care system…

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Solving the Patient-provider communication problem

February 07, 20182 minute read

Coming home from the pharmacy, a patient is unsure about the prescription, and has questions when he receives it in the mail. Another…

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To make Internet of Things work for healthcare, a new approach is needed

December 18, 20172 minute read

One of the key technological advances that has the potential to reshape healthcare is Internet of Things (IoT). With so many people…

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Technology Resistance in Healthcare Prevents Patient-Centered Innovation

November 14, 20172 minute read

Imagine working in an extremely constrained environment. You had to come to the same office, use the same software, the same color pens, the…

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Are apps still the answer?

October 18, 20172 minute read

The smartphone, and more importantly the countless apps that can be downloaded onto them, have revolutionized how we do almost everything…

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